Class Of 2012

I was lucky enough to have worked with the talented Tilly Blackwood before an important audition for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Training with Tilly was an incredible experience. She is professional, passionate and inspiring. Tilly was easy to work with; she respected my creative decisions all the while guiding me in the right direction. She pushed my boundaries and challenged me.

Her classes were held in a safe, peaceful and quiet environment, making our time focused and extremely beneficial. I have Tilly to thank for the success of the audition. It was such a pleasure to work with a teacher that really cared. Tilly changed my career and consequently my life, I know that she has the power to do the same for you.

Chelsea Macleod-Elliott

If I had not met Tilly I believe that the outcome of my drama school auditions would have been extremely different.

Her amazing enthusiasm and patience gave me the confidence and the ability to succeed. I would recommend Tilly to anybody; she has a great sense of humour and is a delight to work with. I would just like to express my deep appreciation as I couldn’t have done it without her.

Carly Barnes

From the first session to the final pre-audition calm-down phone call, Tilly’s care and attention is absolutely invaluable.

Rehearsing for drama school auditions is a daunting process that can make you feel frighteningly alone; I couldn’t have done it without having her on hand to guide and coach. She has a remarkable ability to bring out the best in the performer, without ‘choreographing’ or over working anything.

Her process is organic and collaborative; her direction is insightful and completely game-changing. However prepared you think you are, however sure you are about your ideas, I now can’t imagine approaching a speech without running it by Tilly first! There is always something new to think about, and the tiniest change can make the world of difference. She provides a safe and welcoming environment, and instantly makes you feel comfortable enough to try absolutely anything.

Her good humour and patience are limitless, and I know I couldn’t have done it without her.
Alice Marshall

Tilly manages to strike the rare balance of being incredibly patient yet uncompromisingly demanding. This, combined with her generosity of spirit and good humour is an absolute necessity during the often strenuous process of applying to drama schools. She creates an informal and relaxed workspace which allows you to feel completely unselfconscious and free to experiment while simultaneously compelling you to justify why you have made certain decisions. Her rigorous attitude towards her teaching means that you never feel that you have taken the easy option as she draws your attention to the myriad of alternatives.

Her extensive experience in theatre means that she expertly appraises your individual strengths and plays to them yet also alerts you to the inevitable bad habits that every untrained actor unknowingly assimilates. Her unceasing pursuit in trying to extract what she knows you are capable of sometimes culminates in, what she calls, “a break-through moment”. This is when all the advice she has given you, after weeks or perhaps even months, finally percolates and you do your speech in a way that surprises even yourself. You leave with the heady exhilaration of the high-five she’s just given you (these are administered sparingly and when you get one, you quite literally feel like top dog) and the progress that you’ve made. There lies her true brilliance- in getting you to believe that it was all you, when actually, there is absolutely no way you could have got there without her.
Bel Knight

“Working with Tilly on auditions speeches was a huge relief and gave me a fresh perspective and confidence in exactly the right way. Her clear direction and feedback really gave me a clear idea of how I could improve my work and her positive approach helped me to relax and enjoy working on my audition speeches. In just a short amount of time I felt empowered to continue working on my pieces on my own, more confident in my own ability, at the same time as having some new approaches to the challenge. Tilly is always very specific with her comments, which enabled me to respond practically to her direction. She also listened to me as an individual, taking my own qualities and character and finding a way to express them, which meant the work we did felt natural and always within my reach. I’d recommend working with Tilly to anyone wanting to push themselves creatively, looking for practically useful feedback or needing to inject some confidence into their work.”
Nadia Babke

Tilly has an infectious enthusiasm which brings out the best in you. Through her I have improved my performance skills by recognising my acting strengths and weaknesses. She will always guide you in the right direction, which is why I’ve recommended her to all my actor friends.
Jennifer Alleyne

Tilly Blackwood is a fantastic acting coach and from the moment I stepped into the room, I felt at ease. I have had private hourly lessons with Tilly for the past 5 months and have discovered a greater knowledge in the skill of acting as well as a change in my confidence towards performing. From a completely Shakespeare novice I have began to understand how to approach the text and put that through into my performance, which I couldn’t have done without her help. I enjoy our hour sessions and can’t wait till the next time!
Hana –

Tilly has been such a helpful and inspiring teacher. She is always relaxed and welcoming and you feel that she is genuinely invested in getting the very best work out of you. I felt completely overwhelmed by the drama school auditioning process and Tilly has really helped to de-mystify the whole experience concentrating on what really matters…finding a great set of audition pieces and making them work. I count Tilly as an invaluable contact now and know that I will keep on going back to her for help in the future.
Jessica Preston

I arrived in London in september from Canada. My first language is french so I came to London to first practice my english in order to be able to get into drama school next year. When I started to look for a speeches the stress began. I didn’t know noting about how to choose the perfect speech, where to look, what to look for and I did not even want to think about preparing my monologue for such an important occasion. So I decided to look for an acting coach and I had the chance to find Tilly. After the first session, I knew I was in good hand. With her experience, her passion, her patience and her honesty we manage to get through this. Tilly is an extremely polyvalent person. She helped me in everything: to find the right pieces, to correct my voice and my pronunciation. Together we work step by step to build my audition speeches which I feel confident in now. Tilly tell you the true things. When something does not work she tells you. She prepares you to your audition in every single angles. And she as more than one technic to get you where you need to be as character. I could not ask a better person to help me in this huge preparation. Thank you for inspiring me more and moor each session and to transmit me you extraordinary knowledge.
Joséphine Campeau