Auditioning for drama schools for a second time can be argued as being an even more challenging process than when you applied the first time. The stakes are higher. While not getting in the first time could be put down to you using the auditioning process as a litmus test to see whether or not you feel you are cut out for an acting career, the second time can no longer be regarded as a “trial run”. You are now a “veteran” of the process and not getting recalls for auditions can no longer be excused away with the reasoning that you didn’t know what to expect and thought doing two Modern speeches was acceptable as opposed to one Shakespeare and one Modern. Trying to rationalise your failure to get to the next stage in the audition process becomes harder when you realise that if the audition panel didn’t like you last year and proved that they’re still not keen on you this year, the simple reason might just actually be that you’re not good enough for drama school.

Aside from the self-doubt, you are in fact in a more advantageous position the second time round. You’ve been to the drama schools and met the teachers who would be teaching you and you realise that just like the audition panel – you are allowed to have preferences. The stock phrase uttered at every “Welcome To Our Drama School speech”: “Just remember that you’re auditioning us as well” becomes a little more believable.

Having spoken to people who have applied again, it is clear that different strategies involving detailed planning are deployed. From the timing of applications to the spacing out of recalls, drama school aspirants put a lot of forethought into changing tactics to increase their chances of getting in. While this pragmatic deliberation can be helpful,  finding the right audition speeches is surely the most important decision. This is where Audition Doctor comes into play. Having a third-party with a professional eye when auditioning speeches is essential.

As Tilly gradually gets to know you better over the course of your sessions with her, landing on the right audition speech becomes easier. Audition Doctor is hugely helpful when it comes to not only helping you with audition speeches but also picking up on the unconscious ticks that every actor who is starting out will have. It’s always useful to be aware of these so you can keep them in check during your audition. More than anything though, it’s also simply reassuring to know that someone apart from your Mum is on your side.