From the first session to the final pre-audition calm-down phone call, Tilly’s care and attention is absolutely invaluable.

Rehearsing for drama school auditions is a daunting process that can make you feel frighteningly alone; I couldn’t have done it without having her on hand to guide and coach. She has a remarkable ability to bring out the best in the performer, without ‘choreographing’ or over working anything.

Her process is organic and collaborative; her direction is insightful and completely game-changing. However prepared you think you are, however sure you are about your ideas, I now can’t imagine approaching a speech without running it by Tilly first! There is always something new to think about, and the tiniest change can make the world of difference. She provides a safe and welcoming environment, and instantly makes you feel comfortable enough to try absolutely anything.

Her good humour and patience are limitless, and I know I couldn’t have done it without her.

Alice Marshall