Leading Theatre Critic Praises Drama Schools

Last year, when Michael Billington was asked what the best way to get into the business was, his immediate response was: “I would say if you want to act, design or take on a technical role, it’s vital to get proper training at an accredited school. Only directors seem to magically emerge without any proper training!”

He recognised the difficult financial situation students currently face, however, he maintained that receiving professional training was paramount and even urged the national press to take more notice of student showcases at drama school. He declared: “These academies offer the best theatrical value in London: you see unusual plays done by tomorrow’s stars at low prices.”  If the country’s leading theatre critic is enthusiastically attending drama school showcases, as well as vociferously shedding light on the high calibre performances, you know that drama school is a safer bet than trying to get your foot in the door on your own. British drama schools are unique places where you receive world-class training and the possibility of getting noticed by respected Industry professionals, who might well be reviewing you later on in your career.

The third year showcases that Billington saw were so “exceptional” that it led him to bemoan the fact that drama schools only let the public watch student productions in their final year. He argued that the earlier students were exposed to criticism, the better they’d be suited to the profession. Furthermore, it would give an insight into how drama school training is imperative if British Theatre wants to conserve its reputation for being the best in the world.

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