Meetup Sessions with Audition Doctor

While audition masterclasses at the Actors Centre are open only to members, Tilly also holds group Audition Doctor sessions which are open to all and attended by a range of people; from professional actors, drama school applicants to businessmen and women who are eager to improve their presentation skills and public speaking.  Tilly holds Audition Doctor Meetup sessions in Central London which are perfect for those who want a fun and stress-free atmosphere to work on building confidence and experience performing in front of “an audience” involving like-minded people.

While one-to-one Audition Doctor sessions are preferable if you require undivided and focused attention, sometimes group sessions are a cheaper and less intensive choice if all you want to do is try out your improvisation technique and have an entertaining evening. Groups usually comprise of about 10 people which allows Tilly to give each person an adequate amount of attention and allows students to get to know each other well enough for there to be a non-judgmental and encouraging environment.

At Audition Doctor, there is no pressure to “perform” or have extensive knowledge of Shakespeare. The speeches people choose are varying – from Jacobean tragedy to monologues from contemporary films. This is where being in a group has its advantages. At times, several members won’t even have heard of the play or film. However, others who have will fill them in. Often, discussions will arise about past productions that they’ve seen, whether or not they liked how it was directed and digress so far that you find that you have “wasted” your one fag and loo break heatedly talking about the National’s 2009 production of ‘Mother Courage’.

The group Audition Doctor sessions are fun and stimulating as you get feedback not only from the Audition Doctor herself, but also your fellow classmates. The next Meetup Audition Doctor session is being held this Friday- 19th October at 20 Bedford Street, Covent Garden, WC2. It’s never scary and always a laugh.