An Introduction To Acting – New Course

Drama School Coach Tilly Blackwood

An Introduction To Acting

Course Details

Q: Have you always wanted to try acting but never given it a go?

A: If the answer is yes then this is the course for you.

An Introduction To Acting
Is an evening course run by the actress Tilly Blackwood from Audition Doctor –

The aim of this course is to give you all the skills and methods necessary to create a character, whilst instilling renewed confidence in your development as an actor.

Tutor Information
The course will be led by Tilly Blackwood, a working Actress in the Industry for the last 20 years.  She teaches weekly classes at the renowned Actors Centre in Covent Garden and has founded Audition Doctor as a result of her success there to accommodate the increasing demand for more one to one lessons. Participants will be encouraged to give constructive feedback to one another as part of the learning process.

By The End Of The Course You Should Be Able To:
Use all the tools and skills that you have learnt to create character in a new and insightful way.

What level is The Course?
Introduction to Acting is open to anyone who has a passion for acting but feels they need help in honing their skills. The groups will be small ideally in order to give everyone enough working time and individual guidance.

What else does Audition Doctor offer?
Audition Doctor provides acting classes that are tailored to your individual needs; from beginners to professional actors who want to build confidence for their next audition in TV, Film or Theatre.

In addition to An Introduction To Acting we also offer further courses such as:

  • Acting classes
  • 121s
  • Groups
  • Workshops

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