Getting help with auditions

Getting help with auditions

Drama School Applicants

“You don’t go to a doctor if you’re well,” says Tilly Blackwood, founder of bespoke coaching service for actors The Audition Doctor. “In the same way, people don’t come to me if they’re doing fine. They come when they have a problem or a need, and I create bespoke sessions to help in any way that I can.”

Whether you’re a student applying for drama school, a professional actor looking for help with an upcoming audition, or simply need a self-esteem boost, The Audition Doctor can ignite confidence, while never losing sight of the main prize: securing the job.

Blackwood has been a full-time working actor for more than 30 years, and she set up Audition Doctor to pass on the skills and expertise she has learned from her time in the industry. “I’ve got all this knowledge, and it gives me so much joy to share it. I’ve experienced many of these same things myself: I’ve suffered with stage fright, with lack of confidence. I know what it feels like.”

She prides herself on creating a safe and welcoming space at her flat in Borough where you can work through specific problems – delivery, posture, characterisation – or just sit and chat.

Author: Tim Bano

Feedback from Acting Class Members 2012

Tilly manages to strike the rare balance of being incredibly patient yet uncompromisingly demanding. This, combined with her generosity of spirit and good humour is an absolute necessity during the often strenuous process of applying to drama schools. She creates an informal and relaxed workspace which allows you to feel completely unselfconscious and free to experiment while simultaneously compelling you to justify why you have made certain decisions. Her rigorous attitude towards her teaching means that you never feel that you have taken the easy option as she draws your attention to the myriad of alternatives.

Her extensive experience in theatre means that she expertly appraises your individual strengths and plays to them yet also alerts you to the inevitable bad habits that every untrained actor unknowingly assimilates. Her unceasing pursuit in trying to extract what she knows you are capable of sometimes culminates in, what she calls, “a break-through moment”. This is when all the advice she has given you, after weeks or perhaps even months, finally percolates and you do your speech in a way that surprises even yourself. You leave with the heady exhilaration of the high-five she’s just given you (these are administered sparingly and when you get one, you quite literally feel like top dog) and the progress that you’ve made. There lies her true brilliance- in getting you to believe that it was all you, when actually, there is absolutely no way you could have got there without her.
Bel Knight

Acting Classes For Auditions With Audition Doctor

Audition Doctor was set up by Tilly Blackwood, an experienced working Actress. She is a regular Acting Coach at the renowned Actors Centre in central London, where she continues her work on a one to one basis, as well as with larger groups, where she gives a weekly Audition Masterclass and Theatre Acting Classes.

For more information about Audition Doctor or for help with auditions please contact us on any of the following:

Mobile: 07764 193 806

Classes For Acting In London

Audition Doctor offers Classes for Acting in London.  With 20 years of experience in the acting industry, Audition Doctor provides help with auditions, both for Drama School applications and for those professional actors who find themselves suffering from a crisis of confidence, to customers throughout the local area.

The Audition Doctor offers a tailored tutoring service to individuals, which is designed to meet the client’s individual needs at all times. With a relaxed environment, the business also has friendly staff helping clients to realise their true potential.

Audition Doctor was set up in 2010 and has an expanding customer base, located around London, including regular work with the highly respected Actors Centre in Covent Garden.

Audition Coaching

Audition Doctor caters for all your audition coaching needs.

Audition Doctor was set up by Tilly Blackwood to help people with their coaching auditions, from actors to business people. The audition coaching that Tilly provides covers the following:

TV coaching
Film coaching
Theatre coaching
Public Speaking coaching
Business Presentation coaching

We regularly hold workshops and one to one’s for coaching in London.

If you are interested in finding out more about our coaching sessions, please Contact Tilly Blackwood on any of the following:

Mobile: 07764 193 806
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Drama School Applicants

Audition Doctor offers coaching packages to Drama School Applicants.

Drama School Applicants

Through my work with students wishing to obtain a place at Drama School, it has become increasingly clear that choice of pieces, especially with applicants on their second or third attempt, is key. Therefore, my work is tailored to suit each student`s individual needs, so that they can represent themselves at their very best in front of an audition panel. My aim is to give each student, not only their best fighting chance to secure tenure, but to begin a better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses and how to work with them.

How We Can Help: One To One Coaching for drama school

My One To One Coaching consists of an introductory meeting to discuss your needs and requirements and to work out a plan out a working strategy up to and until you get into drama school. My success rate is very high and I take great pride in this; putting this down to my experience and understanding of what is required.

The introductory meeting lasts for approximately one hour. If you have any questions or would like some more information please contact me direct on any of the following:

Mobile: 07764 193 806