Testimonial from Chelsea Macleod-Elliott

I was lucky enough to have worked with the talented Tilly Blackwood before an important audition for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Training with Tilly was an incredible experience. She is professional, passionate and inspiring. Tilly was easy to work with; she respected my creative decisions all the while guiding me in the right direction. She pushed my boundaries and challenged me.

Her classes were held in a safe, peaceful and quiet environment, making our time focused and extremely beneficial. I have Tilly to thank for the success of the audition. It was such a pleasure to work with a teacher that really cared. Tilly changed my career and consequently my life, I know that she has the power to do the same for you.

Chelsea Macleod-Elliott

Acting Drama Classes

Audition Doctor provides a secure, relaxed environment where it is possible to learn, rehearse and explore new ways of speaking and performing with no fear of embarrassment.

Audition Doctor is a one to one, bespoke service which focuses on bringing out the best in aspiring actors.  If you are looking for help with Acting Drama Classes then please do get in touch with Audition Doctor which can help you with bespoke acting classes for TV, Film and Theatre.