Being authentically yourself is what will give you the best chance

For Tilly Blackwood, being authentically yourself is what will give you the best chance of a successful audition. Sessions often focus on speech-work, trying to find the characters and plays that give you the best chance of landing a job or getting into drama school – the ones that feel authentic and tailored to the individual.

As one former student explained: “When I first started working with Tilly, I’d almost given up on the possibility of going to drama school. From our first session I could see why she had such a phenomenally successful track record with helping students get places at top schools; in just an hour, she was able to pinpoint the things that were holding me back, and the ways in which the pieces I’d chosen weren’t serving me. I’m so delighted to have been offered a place on the BA Acting course at RADA.”

For Blackwood, it’s about creating a safe space at her home where you can truly open up. “It’s completely private,” she explains, “and you can tell me the things you’re too frightened to say to your mates: I’m never going to work again, or I don’t know how I can fit into the world of acting, I’m worried that drama school is too expensive or it’s not for me. Whatever you want to talk about, I will listen.”

Blackwood expects hard work in her sessions – “I’m on your side,” she says, “but I will also tell you the truth” – and the results speak for themselves. From practical tips for drama school auditions to rediscovering the pleasure in acting, The Audition Doctor is the best medicine.

Author: Tim Bano