Testimony from Denise Orita

I have been a professional actress for over twenty years and during this time I have had some fantastic jobs and met some wonderful people along the way. After I left drama school I have always continued to train by doing classes or one to one with a coach. I have enjoyed these sessions over the years and definitely felt that there was an improvement, however, in between I have felt very low about my ability- especially in the area of television and have often felt that I am missing something.

Then by lucky chance I came across Tilly Blackwood. Tilly is without any doubt the best drama coach I have ever worked with. Tilly has an incredible ability to help you find the truth in what you are doing; her methods are subtle yet very effective. In one of our sessions I found myself so deep in character, that it took me a while to recover. I was able to trust what Tilly gave me and go with it- pure joy. I also have felt incredibly motivated since Tilly became my Coach. Although I have enjoyed Shakespeare in the past, now I love it and find myself seeking it out wherever I can. Suddenly my ears have been opened and I am able to truly enjoy and appreciate it.

I have also noticed a 100% improvement in performances in my auditions and film work. I did some filming the other day and for the first time I arrived feeling confident in my ability. I was able to go for it and not feel worried and the result was clear for all to see.

I cannot recommend Tilly highly enough- she is a very special and talented person who is able to share her gift with her students in a very positive way. I am just so happy that I have found her now.

Audition Coaching

Audition Doctor caters for all your audition coaching needs.

Audition Doctor was set up by Tilly Blackwood to help people with their coaching auditions, from actors to business people. The audition coaching that Tilly provides covers the following:

TV coaching
Film coaching
Theatre coaching
Public Speaking coaching
Business Presentation coaching

We regularly hold workshops and one to one’s for coaching in London.

If you are interested in finding out more about our coaching sessions, please Contact Tilly Blackwood on any of the following:

Mobile: 07764 193 806
Email: tilly@auditiondoctor.co.uk
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